Elizabeth M. Owens
Elizabeth M. Owens  Everything English
Contact: emowens@emowenseverythingenglish.com 
Certified English teacher with a B.A. in Journalism, minor in English, and a Master's in Communication with minors in English and Higher Education. 
Assistance with everything English: writing, editing, reading comprehension, literary terms, grammar, ESL help.
I am also a freelance writer. 


I was pleasantly surprised when students voted me as Most Caring & Supportive Teacher while I was teaching in Texas. My four years of teaching at the high school were some of my best years. I met some amazing and wonderful young people with whom I am still in contact through social media and cell phone. 

Awards while in education:
“Most Influential Teacher” during high school career for an Honor Graduate 2011
     Mt. Pleasant High School, Mt. Pleasant, TX  May 2011
“Most Caring and Supportive Teacher” award per student vote led by Student Council
     Mt. Pleasant High School, Mt. Pleasant, TX  May 2010
“Above and Beyond” certificate awarded by the Board of Trustees
      Mt. Pleasant Independent School District, Mt. Pleasant,
       TX  February 25, 2008
“Favorite Teacher” of a basketball player during Teacher Appreciation Night (Favorite teachers wore the students’ jerseys during classes and at the game)
     Mt. Pleasant High School, Mt. Pleasant, TX  January 
       2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
"Certificate of Recognition" for Positive Influence on Students in 2003 Survey
     University at Buffalo, State University of New York;  
       Career Services April 19, 2005
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Who I am

     I am a widely experienced educator who has raised four children and am now enjoying the pleasures of being a grandmother. Ever since I was a young girl, I have enjoyed exploring the wonder of words. Fortunately, learning has always come easily and pleasantly for me. My greatest joy is helping others find ways to learn themselves and expand their world through words.
     As a U.S. Army "BRAT" (my father was in for 20 years, retiring when I was 17), I have had opportunities to meet people of all walks of the world. This has given me a strong interest in learning about others and made me confident in talking to anyone. These characteristics have helped me in my work as a teacher. It has also made me more empathetic and understanding of people. 
 My experience
     During my lifetime, I have been a housewife and mother, a daycare worker, fast food assistant manager, waitress, an office manager for an interior decorator, newspaper carrier, restaurant owner, UPS slide sorter, freelance writer, school and local newspaper writer and editor, educator, academic adviser for a university, high school presenter for a medical college (MCI), tutor, department store sales clerk, college instructor, and high school teacher. Another job saw me as a jack-of-all-trades as I worked for a small printing company in the mid-1980s: bulk mail operator, composed and maintained mailing lists, typed text for publications, old-fashioned cut and paste of text to make printing plates, ran a printing press for a week, worked in reception, learned basic programming on old Tandy computers, wrote up quotes for printing and mailing jobs, and anything else that needed to be done. This job showed me that I could learn to do anything, as long as I was willing to try and not afraid to ask questions. 
       My belief that anything is possible and my willingness to learn has given me valuable experiences that help me as I work with students.
     I have been in the field of education since 1999. While working on my master's degree in communication, I was a teaching assistant at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. This experience led to a new career goal of working in academics and helping students as they achieved their own goals in education.
Courses that I have taught at the college level:
journalism, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, theories of mass media, public speaking, English composition, developmental skills in reading and writing English. 
Currently teaching for Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas & Woodbridge: Introduction to Communication, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication
Courses that I have taught:
High school
English I, II, III (9th, 10th, 11th grades), writing lab, ESL I, ESL support for levels I and II, IB Skills for ESL, and IB Literature skills for ESL.
Middle School
7th grade English utilizing Read180
7th grade English, honors, Integrated Humanities, ESOL
8th grade English honors
Projects and freelance work:
Presenter: The Art of Public Speaking
     U.S. Embassy of Tunis, Tunisia - Dec. 2018, July 2019
Short story published
Editor and writer for Love Kids Worldwide
Writer and editor for Buffalo Spree magazine - July-Aug. 2003
 (as Elizabeth Palmieri)
     "Read the Same Book" and "Lorna C. Hill"
     "Health: Fitness" interview with a personal trainer