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Certified English teacher with a B.A. in Journalism, minor in English, and a Master's in Communication with minors in English and Higher Education. 
Assistance with everything English: writing, editing, reading comprehension, literary terms, grammar, ESL help.
I am also a freelance writer. 
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   When writing a paper, you should always cite your sources. Ideas that are not your own should have a source listed within the paper as well as on a works cited page. 
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Writing Tips
Before you start writing, it is best to make an outline or web diagram of your main ideas and details. If you are writing an essay, be sure to have a clear thesis with 2-5 supporting main ideas. For a research paper, you should have the same, but you also need valid research resources. Hint: Wikipedia is NOT a valid site, neither is Cosmo magazine, ask.com, about.com, etc. You should use non-fiction books, encyclopedias, peer-reviewed journals (many of them are now e-journals), etc. Any websites should be valid and credible websites, such as the American Cancer Society, government health sites, education sites (but make sure it is a reliable research article by a PhD, not a group of students), or websites for organizations that research and are experts in your area of research. Anyone can make a website - yes, even me! - so you must be careful that you are using a site that is credible. I am an English teacher, have a journalism degree, and have been teaching writing for several years, but I would still not consider my website valid for research. 
Wikipedia is not reliable because anyone can go on the site and edit information. It is a good place to get ideas, but you need to find more credible sources once you get some basic information. It can also help lead to questions to research. There may be valid websites listed in the webpage's bibliography that you can read to find other valid resources. So yes, it is a good site to use as a starting point, but it cannot be used as a resource in your paper.