Elizabeth M. Owens
Elizabeth M. Owens  Everything English
Contact: emowens@emowenseverythingenglish.com 
Certified English teacher with a B.A. in Journalism, minor in English, and a Master's in Communication with minors in English and Higher Education. 
Assistance with everything English: writing, editing, reading comprehension, literary terms, grammar, ESL help.
I am also a freelance writer. 
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 Hello, My Lovelies!!!

If you can't get to Schoology through Clever, then go to the Metz homepage.   https://www.mcpsva.org/metzms 

Next, go to the "Parents/Students" page
Finally, go straight to Schoology. If this doesn't work, try through Clever.
eowens@mcpsva.org is my e-mail.
You can also add my Google classroom. Logon to your Google account. Look for the icon at the bottom of of the drop-down box
- click on the big + sign at the top right
- use the code I have posted on Clever's home page: 
"E. Owens's page" 
- and we already have students joining! Pass the word!!
We HAVE to get work done while you're home. I don't want you falling behind. You've all been doing much better!
Hugs and smiles - wash your hands! ;)
This is the student packet for which I was trying to get everyone to bring in a folder!
 Almost all the information you need to study for the SOLs are in here, including organizational patterns or structure, root words, affixes (prefix and suffix), story terms, poetry, figurative language, etc. 
Please save it to your computer, your personal Google drive, if you have one! It will help you through high school.